Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cloud Mining Without Investment - The List of Cloud Mining Services That Offer Free Bonus for Just Signing Up

This free cloud mining list will be updated from time to time. Last update: 2017/July/21.

The followings have been verified to pay (check the comments for payment status): EOBOT, Moon Faucets, DonaldCoin(Closed), Faucetminer(Closed), CetoBeto(Closed), FaucetGo(Closed), OXBTC, CloudMinerGame(Scam!), 25Mining(Scam!), Bitzfree, CLDMine(Scam!), TopMine(Scam!), myHASH(Scam!), Hash-Line(Scam!), XMine(Scam!), Multi-Coin (Scam!), Bit Lite(Scam!), Course MiningMineGate(Scam!), RUBMiningOverHash, MicroMining, MinerFarmCloud-Mine, MineCloud(Scam!), Contract-Miner
Tips: Use the free bonus to mine Dogecoin if possible as it usually has the lowest withdraw threshold.
Don't invest too much into suspect services! If you want to investment a large amount money into cloud mining, try more trusted services such as Genesis-Mining (use code hl6V5J to get discount of 3 % on all Hashpower packages. New: use code HappyBirthdayGM16 at checkout for 5% discount valid until April 12th at 23:59 GMT(Expired)), HashFlare (10% discount code for any HashFlare contract (valid until 1st of April): HF17BDAY10), OXBTC.


1. Bitzfree (Paying!)
Sign up bonus: 20 GH/s
Note: You can increase your GHs easily by hacking other user's and re-invest your mined Bitcoins.

2. EOBOT (Paying!)
Sign up bonus:
Note: You can claim at their faucet of about 2000 satoshis (or equivalent worth of GHs) with login bonus 1 DOGE everyday.

3. MinerFarm (Warning! Withdraw Problem! Paying!)
Sign up bonus: "10 GH/s"
Note: This is a virtual mining game - you're not doing real mining but can withdraw real Bitcoin.

4. Moon Faucets (Paying!):
Note: Not cloud mining but faucet sites that you can claim when you want. Your unclaimed satoshi increases more slowly as time goes on.

5. Faucetminer (Closed)
Sign up bonus: 1+ KH/s every 45 minutes.
Note: Another virtual mining game that can mine Dogecoin. Mininum withdraw: 10 DOGE.

Note: After refunded its users, this nice service closed on 25/July/2016.

7. DonaldCoin (Site is Down)
Note: Another popular and reliable free Bitcoin generator game with no minimum and instant payout to FaucetBox.

8. CetoBeto (Paying!Site is for sale.Site closed. Site is back!Closed!)
Note: The new DonaldCoin, free Bitcoin generator game with no minimum and instant payout to FaucetBox.

9. FaucetGo (Paying! Site is Down!)

10. FreeBTCMine


The following are some scam like cloud mining sites with sign up bonus, not recommended to invest unless you trust them. Be warned that many cloud mining services are just Ponzi schemes, for example, (Read the story here). They all offer sign up bonus but have a high threshold for withdraw and even require deposit before withdraw. Anyway, you can do the mining before/without investment.
You can check the sites below at (which comments/lists most of the below sites as scam sites) for scam advises/reviews, and check the paying status at and

7. CryptominingFarm

Sign up bonus: 10 GH/s
Note: Bonus Hashrate is for 15 Years. You need to purchase minimum 20 GH/s before you can withdrawal.

15. OXBTC (Limited time offer! Expiry date: 2016/March/6th20th) Expired.Extended. Expired. (Paying!)

Sign up bonus: 1 GH/s to 1000 GH/s (random)
Note: Bonus is only valid for the first month on signing up (one-month contract).

23. RUBMining (Paying!)
Sign up bonus: 1 GH/s
Note: Russian site, use google translate. Need a Payeer address to sign up.

30. HashCoin
Sign up bonus: 5 GH/s
Note: Free 5 Gh/s is only for the first 14 Days. After expiration, to continue to enjoy it and unlock your Earnings in Free Days you must buy Min. 10 Gh/s.

62. BitMiner (Warning: Withdraw Pending!)
BitMiner - free and simple next generation Bitcoin mining software
Sign up bonus: 0.0000004 BTC/min
Note: A Bitcoin mining game with fully automatic process.
Withdraw Problem:

70. MultiMine (NOT PAYING?)

Sign up bonus: Starter Miner A (0.00005000 BTC/day)

81. Course Mining (Paying!)

Sign up bonus: 0.01 GH/s

85. BitLioner
Sign up bonus: 17 KH/s
Note: You must have to buy power to make your first withdraw.

87. bits2u
Sign up bonus: 30 2uhash

96. MicroMining(Paying!)
Sign up bonus: 20000 Satoshi
Note: Need to install their mining software.

103. Cloud-Mine

Sign up bonus: Claim from faucet.

Cloud-Mine (Paying!)

Sign up bonus: Claim from faucet.

105. SlushMiner
Sign up bonus: 15 KH/s

108. AsicBit
Sign up bonus: 10 satoshi/hour
Note: A Bitcoin mining game with minimum withdraw threshold 10000 satoshi.

113. Contract-Miner (Paying!)

Sign up bonus: Faucet (1 MH/s for every 30 minutes)
Note: Can withdraw through Xapo or FaucetHub, so it has no minimum withdraw threshold. You should claim your earning (Home-> Click "Finalize your contract (Get Paid)" button every 5 minutes as a beginner).

114. OverHash (Paying!)

Sign up bonus: 1 GH/s

115. CryptoFly

Sign up bonus: 1.83 GH/s (for 7 days)

119. World-Hash

Sign up bonus: 1 GH/s

122. BrMine

Sign up bonus: 3 MH/s

123. Mi-Coin (Warning! Withdraw missing!)

Sign up bonus: 1 GH/s

126. Telcominer
Sign up bonus: 15 KH/s

129. BitHash

Sign up bonus: 0.001 GH/s

130. PulsCoin

Sign up bonus: 0.05 GH/s

131. hexxo
Sign up bonus: 300 KH/s
Note: Your account will be suspended as inactive if you don't make a deposit.

132. StartMiner (Warning: Withdraw Pending!)
startMiner - free and simple next generation Bitcoin mining software
Sign up bonus: 0.0000004 BTC/min
Note: A BitMiner clone.

134. HashingRoot
Sign up bonus: 400 GH/s

138. CoinMining
Sign up bonus: 1250 GH/s
Note: To receive payout from FREE TRIAL CONTRACT you have to purchase a mining contract.

140. Imedjo

Sign up bonus: 1 GH/s

141. MillHash

Sign up bonus: 30 GH/s

142. Micro-BTC
Sign up bonus: 15 KH/s
Note: You must purchase hashpower for withdrawal unlocked.

143. Empire Workers
Sign up bonus: 3 Workers

144. BTCSweet

Sign up bonus: 5 GH/s

146. BTCProMiner
Sign up bonus: 40 Satoshi per minute

147. AutoMining
Sign up bonus: 0.000288 BTC every day

148. Bitcoin earning

Sign up bonus: 20 MH/s + Faucet

149. 247 Bitcoins

Sign up bonus: 0.00000660 BTC Daily

150. BDCloud

Sign up bonus: 1.00000 BD/S

151. BitFireMining
Sign up bonus: 100 GH/s

152. KryptoTrend

Sign up bonus: 0.00500000 BTC

153. CryptoClub
Sign up bonus: 10 USD

154. DogeMining
Sign up bonus: 0.02 MH/s

155. BTCCMiner

Sign up bonus: 5 GH/s

156. Miner Club
Sign up bonus: 15 KH/s
Note: Sign Up bonus 15 KH/s will be automatically deactivated after 30 days of no purchase.

157. Fleex

Sign up bonus: 100 GH/s

158. Elite Mining Club

Sign up bonus: 500 DOGE

159. Bitmi

Sign up bonus: 20 GH/s (for 50 days, by using promo code "bit65")

160. Bit Jack Mine
Sign up bonus: 0.003 Acid

161. Cloud Mining Pro
Sign up bonus: 10 GH/s

162. Nine-Mine

Sign up bonus: 100 GH/s

163. Shreemine

Sign up bonus: 1 GH/s

164. CryptoStar
Sign up bonus: 20 GH/s

165. FreeMiningBTC

Sign up bonus: 0.00050000 BTC (Profit per day)

166. DemixMine

Sign up bonus: 5 GH/s

Confirmed Scam Sites

Monday, December 21, 2015

Notes on Gridcoin Mining Using Google Cloud Computing

Gridcoin (GRC) is an altcoin that can be mined through contribution to scientific research (PoR - Proof of Research), more specifically, by doing BOINC (Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) hosted computing work. It makes cryptocurrency mining a more meaningful thing and is very suitable for mining use a VPS such as Google cloud. Different from other cryptocoin mining, you don't need to worry about the violation of TOS as you're running the BOINC computing software instead a miner on the VPS.

The following steps will guide you to mine Gridcoin on Google cloud, which is based on but much simpler than the official tutorial -

1. First follow the official guide to setup both BIONC and Gridcoin wallet on your own (local) computer. Make sure you use BAM! account manager in the tutorial.

2. Sign up for the Google cloud free trial:

3. Follow the official Steps 2-6 to create your google cloud instance.

4. The official tutorial doesn't use an account manage, to simplify the process, I strongly suggest you to use BAM!, so you can skip the official Steps 7 and 8.

5. For official Step 9 - in the SSH terminal enter the following commands, each "$" indicates a single line (if you're using BAM!):
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install boinc
for each project that you want to run, enter:
$ boinccmd --project_attach PROJECT_URL AUTH_KEY
replacing PROJECT_URL and AUTH_KEY with the values that you gathered in step#8

$ boinccmd --join_acct_mgr BAM_ID BAM_Pass
(replacing BAM_ID and BAM_Pass with your BAM! ID and password.)
$ boinccmd --set_run_mode always
$ boinccmd --set_network_mode always
The following commands are useful for monitoring the state of BOINC:
$ boinccmd --get_simple_gui_info
$ boinccmd --get_tasks
$ boinccmd --get_file_transfers
6. Follow the official Steps 10~14.

Other Notes:

1. If you want to change the BIONC projects for Google cloud to run, just manage the projects for Google cloud instance using BAM!, and re-input the command to update the BIONC projects and syncs with BAM!:
$ boinccmd --join_acct_mgr BAM_ID BAM_Pass
2. On your personal PC, where your Gridcoin wallet is installed, you should add all the BIONC projects you joined, although you can suspend them locally and only run them on Google cloud for BIONC credits.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to Mine Bytecoin, Monero and Fantomcoin Using Google Cloud Computing Free Trial

Google cloud offers everyone $300 credit for free to spend over the first 60 days on signing up. You'll need a valid credit card for registration but won't be billed during the trail. The following steps will guide you to mine Bytecoin, Monero and Fantomcoin on Google cloud:

1. First register for a MinerGate account using your email.

2. Sign up for the Google cloud free trial:

3. In Google cloud console -, create a new project, and give it a name. You may check the tutorial (a video tutorial included) before you go on.

4. Go to your project dashboard - something like "", add a VM instance by click "NEW INSTANCE" button. Change the "Machine type" to "High CPU machines (n1-highcpu-2, 2 vCPUs, 1.8 GB Memory)", and change "Boot disk" to "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (amd64 trusty image built on 2015-09-09)". For the "Firewall", tick both "Allow HTTP traffic" and "Allow HTTPS traffic". Then click "Create".

5. Find you created instance, click "ssh", "Open in Browser Window".

6. Now, in the console, input (you can ctrl+c and then ctrl+v into the web terminal) the following three command lines (one line + enter key, each time):
sudo dpkg -i deb-cli
nohup minergate-cli -user youremail -bcn 2 -fcn+xmr 2
where you should replace "youremail" with your MinerGate account email.

7. Now you can close the ssh browser window. Check your instance's CPU usage, which should be about 100%.

8. You can repeat the above steps to get more instances (You can also create a "Snapshots" of your VM instance just created and duplicated it to get more instances).

9. Now you can just let your project running for the whole trial period. Don't need to worry about your credit card being charged as according to google's FAQ, your projects will be paused automatically when your trial credits run out and you won't be charged unless you upgrade your trial account to paid account.

Warning: This tutorial is for demonstration purpose only. Use google cloud for cryptocurrency mining only may be a violation of its TOS and may result in your google cloud account being suspended (Although this has not been confirmed as their terms of service is vague about this). Try at your own risk! If you're worrying about that, you can safely delete your newly created computing project now.


Why Bytecoin and Monero?
As is known to all, nowadays it is not profitable anymore to CPU mine most cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Litcoin. This page ( listed some altcoins that are still suitable for CPU mining, in which Bytecoin and Monero are the most popular two according to the cryptocurrency rank:


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Get $5 Worth of Bitcoin and $10 Worth of Gold for Free!

Update 2017/3/27: Scam Alert!  Goldmoney will charge back all your bonus if you don't deposit and it seems there is no way to withdraw your bonus! It means Goldmoney is now forcing users to deposit. If you don't deposit, Goldmoney will simply clear your balance. This is very suspicious and like a scam! By the way, Goldmoney is not related to Eobot.

Update 2016/8/14: BitGold is now Goldmoney! Receive a gold bonus by registration using the following referral link:

Update 2016/1/7: This offer by Eobot has expired, but you can still receive a gold bonus from BitGold by using the following referral link:

This is a promotion provided jointly by the Eobot cryptocurrency mining service and the BitGold Bitcoin & gold exchange service. All you need is to register an Eobot account and use the referral link given to sign up a BitGold account and verify your phone number. This will cost you nothing because you don't need to do any purchase or deposit. In return, you will get 5 USD worth of Bitcoin bonus given by Eobot and 10 USD worth of gold bonus given by BitGold.


1. Register an Eobot account here:
2. Go to your account, Products-> $5 Free, and follow the instructions there.
3. After you sign up for BitGold, you will have your gold bonus, which need 60 days to be mature.
4. Wait for 30 days, you will get a confirm email from Eobot:
and receive your Bitcoin in your Eobot account, which can be withdrawn into your Bitcoin wallet for free:

Warning: When you sign up for BitGold, it will give you a chance to receive a 5% deposit bonus up to $100, if you make your first deposit within 15 minutes. However, it is not suggested to deposit into BitGold as this service just started and the price of gold fluctuates greatly. Anyway, invest at your own risk!